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『MARIKINonline4 』(以下MO4)をご利用いただくにあたり、


Before continuing the usage of 『MARIKINonline4』 (Hereinafter referred to as MO4), you are to agree the terms listed below.


 This game can be played for free.

・本作には 下ネタ、暴言、薬物描写、スラング、セクハラ的描写が 含まれています。

 本作は これらを肯定、助長したり、表現による政治的意図等は 一切ありません。

 This work includes off-color humor, rants, drug depictions, slang, and sexual harassment depictions.

 This work does not affirm or encourage these, and there is no political intention by expression.


 Non-profit goods production is allowed.



 Regarding this game, any notification, communication and support provided to all users will be in Japanese only.


 You are allowed to create wiki of the game as long as the terms were not violated.


 Extracting or using the materials and soundtracks in this game for any kind of purpose is prohibited.


 Actions of distributing this game on creator's behalf and the distribution of modified game data are prohibited.


 The secondary distribution of the currently unpublished previous games 「MARIKINonline2」「MARIKINonline3」are prohibited.


 Settings not included in MO4 are considered invalid.


 The creator is not responsible for any disputes caused by fan-made contents and damages caused by the usage of this game.


 Actions that violate or may violate these terms are prohibited.


​ It is prohibited to ask any questions in regarding to MO4 to the real-life models of the in-game characters.


 Uploading playthrough videos and gaming live streams are allowed as long as they do not violate the terms listed.


 Prohibitions about video uploading



 Upload videos contain slanderous content, or playthrough videos of a modified version of the game.




 Upload videos that use this game to earn any kind of profit for oneself, this includes but not limited to money.

 (Including live streaming on paid channels.)



 Upload videos that contain any personal or private information of the real-life models of the in-game characters.



 Any websites or SNS posts that violate the prohibitions above.



 Creation of fan-made contents are welcomed as long as the terms were not violated.




 Prohibitions about fan-made contents


 Publishing contents of Mo4 OCs, or any original characters based on or named according to the concept of "Numa".


 Release of works in which MO4 characters and original characters are confused.  (Fan art of commentators etc. is possible.)



 Content created for profiting without getting permitted by the game creator.



 Content created for slandering purposes, violation of public orders and morals, and against the intention of the other content creators.


・制作者に対して、MO4の二次的著作物の著作権  または著作者人格権を主張すること

 Actions of claiming the copyright of MO4 fan-made content that doesn't belong to you,

 or actions of claiming content creator's personal rights.


 Any websites or SNS posts that violate the prohibitions above.


It is possible that this user guideline will be modified without previous notifications and will be immediately valid once updated.

英語翻訳 : 菓ちゃん 様

Last update: 2021/7/2

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